The Many Amazing Ways Of Using Potatoes

Potatoes are very well-loved by people in general because of their rich taste and their nice texture. There are many ways for you to eat potatoes; it will all depend on your creativity. Here are a few ways that you can make potato dishes.


Boiled Potatoes

The most common way to serve potatoes would be to boil them. When you boil potatoes, you can put them in any kind of dish. You can put them in a stew or even in the very popular ABC soup.

You may also eat boiled potatoes alone or with some rice. It all really depends on you. To make boiled potatoes, just peel the skin and soak the potatoes in hot water for a few minutes. Wait until they get soft then take them out.

Mashed Potatoes

You may also make some mashed potatoes with your boiled potatoes. The great thing about mashed potatoes is that you can add some sauce in it to make it taste better. The sauce that you can add inside your mashed potatoes will entirely depend on you but it is usually recommended that you use the classic gravy. You may also use melted cheese as your sauce.

Baked Potatoes

Another way to serve potatoes is to bake them. Baked potatoes are splendid for any meal because they are extremely tasty and very crispy. To make baked potatoes, you will just put a bunch of potatoes inside the oven and bake them for a while.

What will happen is that the skin will become crispy and the insides will become soft. With this, the skin can be eaten as well. Baked potatoes go really well with some sour cream and mozzarella cheese. You can also eat baked potatoes with bacon and a sunny side up egg.

Potato Salad

Potato salad is also a good dish that you can make for you and your family or friends. One very easy way to make potato salad is to first boil a bunch of peeled potatoes for fifteen minutes. Make sure they are all chopped and cooled.

After that, put some eggs in a pan and cover them with cold water. Boil the water for 10 minutes and take off the shell. Mix the potatoes and eggs in a bowl and add some other ingredients like celery, onions, garlic, and some salt and pepper.

For other condiments, you may also use some mustard and mayonnaise. After you mix all the ingredients together, keep the salad inside the fridge and wait for it to chill.

Potato Wedges

Potato wedges are something that people who often eat in KFC will know about. In fact, it was KFC that first popularized potato wedges in the fast food industry. If you enjoy eating KFC’s potato wedges, then you’ll love this recipe. You can actually make your own potato wedges at home without having to spend so much money.

First, you need to slice the potatoes to form wedges. After that, put the wedges in a pan along with some oil. Once the wedges are cooking, put a dash of salt and pepper in order to get more taste.

If you want to be even more creative, you may put other ingredients like garlic and such. From there, you may choose to either bake the wedges or deep fry it. Baking it will give you crispier wedges while deep frying it will give you softer ones.

Mojo Potatoes

Mojo potatoes are somewhat similar to potato wedges except that they are thinly sliced, somewhat like potato chips. The only difference between mojos and potato chips is that mojos are soft and have a very similar texture to potato wedges.

In order to make mojo potatoes, you have to bake the potatoes for an hour in the oven. Once you have baked the potatoes in the oven, then you slice it up. It’s up to you how thin you want your mojos to be. After that, get a pan and heat up some oil. Mix together flour, garlic powder, and salt and pepper. You may use your creativity and add other ingredients that you think will make your mojos taste better. Pour some milk into a bowl and dip the potato slices into the milk.

Once you filled the slices with milk, toss them into the pan and combine them with the flour mix. Fry the potato slices until they become golden brown then put them on a paper towel.

Hash Browns

Hash browns are a classic favorite, especially among kids. In fact, you can give your kids hash browns for their lunch. Hash browns would typically go well with carrots, peas, and other vegetables. To make hash browns, you have to first grate the potatoes using a grater and drain out all the excess starch. After that, mix the potato with some butter for around 5 minutes under a small fire then let it cool.

From here, you may add some onions, some milk, and an egg. If you want your hash brown to be a little bit spicy, then you may add some chili flakes to the mix as well. Once all the ingredients are in, add in some flour and mix all of the ingredients properly.

Once you mix the ingredients, you will end up with a dough. Put the dough in a plate that is filled with butter and start flattening it. Once the dough is flat, slice it up the way you want to then fry the slices in another pan over a medium flame. Fry each until they become golden brown then you can put them on a paper towel so you can take out all of the excess oil.

This recipe is actually similar to how McDonalds makes their hash browns so if you like their hash browns, then you’ll love these ones as well.

Roasted Potatoes

Roasted potatoes are absolutely delicious and they can go with any meal. They go very well with beef, chicken, or even pork dishes. Roasted potatoes are made the same way that baked potatoes are made except you will really roast the potatoes. You may roast the potatoes as a whole without taking out the skin or you may slice up the potatoes and then roast them after. This will all depend on your preference.

It is recommended that you use a grill to roast the potatoes instead of an oven as the grill is able to really cover all the potatoes. Also, you get to control which parts will get roasted properly. If you are serving roast beef or lamb chops, then roasted potatoes will make great side dishes that go along well with the meat sauce.

These are some of the many interesting ways that you can make and serve potatoes. The great thing about potatoes is that they are very versatile and can be cooked in so many different ways. If you are the creative type, then you may experiment with many different types of recipes. In fact, you may also make your own variations of the recipes that were provided above. All you have to do is let your imagination take control of the ingredient and try out new things.

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