What Is Chicken Base And How To Make One?


Are you a fan of chicken soup or any other recipes with chicken? Have you ever heard about what is chicken base? This one is set out to be different from the popular chicken bouillon and stock. But, there is also something about this chicken base that many people would love. You just have to learn the difference between them.

So, What Is Chicken Base?

Simply defined, the chicken base is known as a heavily concentrated form of chicken stock. The base is the stock simmered for a longer period of time and the vegetable into it also literally melt to liquid, therefore, it creates a rich reduction.


And this would also lead to flavorful and fragrant base that you could build. In commercial uses, bases might be powdered, in thick liquid or in a cube. But, there is still a difference from the known chicken bouillon.

What Is The Difference Between Chicken Base, Stock, And Bouillon?

These three are indeed of different terms. Let us learn each of them to determine their differences.

Chicken stock will refer to the one that is made primarily from whole chickens, seasonings like fresh ground black pepper, kosher salt, and fresh garlic, and vegetables such as celery, onion, and carrots. Indeed, chicken stock is the base to numbers of many recipes including stews, sauces, soups and even casseroles.

Though you might buy a good quality chicken stock right from the grocery store, you might as well considering doing it at home as it is a lot more cost effective and might have a deeper and richer flavor compared to the canned options.


While, whether beef or chicken, bouillon would normally come in cube form and will be used in flavoring stews and soups by dissolving them in a boiling liquid. This one is extremely salty so consider choosing low-sodium varieties once buying chicken bouillon cubes. Indeed, a bouillon is a beef or chicken stock that is dehydrated then shaped into a small cube form.

On the other hand, chicken base or also referred as a chicken soup base is the highly concentrated stock being used for stews, soups, casseroles and sauces. This could also be in powder or cube form or you simply could make your own one. Unlike the chicken stock, the chicken base would be a lot longer to make but would offer rich results as well.

Are you now seeing the difference of these three? How about their connection or relation to one another? Indeed, chicken stock, bouillon, and base are different from one another but are connected in some ways. Though subtle, indeed the differences among the chicken base, chicken stock, and chicken bouillon show how each of them could be used in almost different recipes.

Chicken Base vs. Chicken Stock

Now, let us compare chicken base from chicken stock. Since the chicken base is being simmered a lot longer than the stick, the flavors would be melded and will be a lot richer. In fact, there could also be a lot of difference in terms of the color. The chicken base might be a lot darker or much like a broth while thinner consistency and pale color will be observed on part of the stock.


In terms of uses, the chicken base is mostly used once making stews, skillet dinners and sauces. You might also use chicken stock once making chicken noodle soup, vegetable stew, chunky chicken, and chowders. And because the chicken base has a lot more flavor and thicker, the versatility indeed outdoes the chicken stock.

What Is The Best Substitute For The Chicken Base?

There might be instances wherein you come along making the certain recipe that calls for a need of a chicken base but you don’t have any, don’t worry! Why? It is so easy to substitute chicken stock or chicken bouillon still having the same results.

In general, a teaspoon of the base equals to a bouillon cube and once added to a cup of water it is considered to be the same as a cup of broth. Only that, there is a need for you to be aware that there are caveats to the said substitutions since every recipe is considered to be different.


For numbers of recipes, there is a basic math needed. The base would indicate that a teaspoon of the base being added to a cup of water will result to a standard chicken broth. So in this case, you might substitute every teaspoon of the base for a chicken bouillon cube.

Consider the following tips:

Once using liquid stock from a carton or can, only use a cup and multiply as needed as for getting the ratio you need from there.

Once the base is being used for flavoring rather than being added to the liquid as for creating a broth, you use a crushed of bouillon cube for every teaspoon of the base needed by the certain recipe.

Liquid broth or stock might not work in this case since it will lead the recipe to be watered down.

Having either chicken stock or chicken bouillon is indeed a great assurance that you have the best substitute for a chicken base.

Homemade Chicken Base Recipe


As previously said, aside from buying the chicken base, making one at home could also be considered. The process could be a lot easier and could be fun as well. Simply follow the steps below:

You have to begin with gathering all the needed ingredients you are to use in making a stock and these are chicken, garlic, onions, celery, carrots, bay leaves and more.

Simply wash them all and put them in a big stockpot then cover it with water and bring it to a boil.

You should not forget to add certain spices that you like including cumin, pepper and fresh herbs such as basil, rosemary, sage and parsley.

Now, reduce the heat to a simmer. Once in a while, stir it as for making sure that there are no bits that stick to the pot bottom.

If the chicken is done, remove it as for taking off the skin as well as fat and also to debone it. And you could now cut the chicken into small cubes and bring them back to the pot.

There is also a need for you to be patient right at this moment since decreasing the stock would take a few hours. You might want to reduce it by at least two-thirds.

And when the stock is done, allow it cool in the refrigerator up until the fat separates. Remove the fat and press the base through the cheesecloth to strain.

The base will indeed stay good in the freezer for about three months. You might also make easy to use servings through freezing the base in an ice cube tray and place them in a sealable freezer bag. Simply grab a cube or two and get cooking once you need them for a certain recipe. If planning to make a chicken stock for a chicken-based soup, these tips will help.

How To Use Chicken Base? Recipes

There might be certain recipes that would need the use of the chicken base. In most cases, it is recommended to be used once making skillet dinners wherein meats are being cut with a meat slicer, stews, and sauces. However, the chicken stock could be used once you are making chowders, chunky chickens, vegetable stews and noodle soup.

And as a bonus, the chicken base could be used for dumplings, cream of chicken soups, heavy stews and chowders. You might also use it for potato chowder or soup, cheeseburger chowder, beef and chicken curries and numbers of other Indian recipes.

For those that are still in doubt about what is chicken base and how it differs from stock and bouillon, being equipped with essential facts mentioned in this article will help a lot. Being familiar with the chicken base will help you determine which one is better to use compared with chicken stock or chicken bouillon. You might also watch this for an additional information.

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