How To Thicken Chili? What Is The Best Way And What To Use?


There is a fact that achieving a perfect consistency in terms of your chili dish could be a bit difficult. Good to know that once you left too much liquid in the chili, there could also be numbers of ways on how to thicken chili. And these ways could be so easy and could be done without having to extend too much effort and time.

What Are The Basic Ingredients Of Chili?


Before everything else, there is a need to consider those ingredients or things that are needed in thickening chili. Some of them include the following:


In most cases, the best option to consider is the ground beef but using other cuts of meat might also be considered.


The most common choice for chili are kidney beans, but pinto or refried beans are also great options.

With this, you could distinguish the taste of the chili. Some of the common spices in chili would include garlic, chili powder, cumin, pepper, and salt.

The usual choice is cheddar, but you could consider spicier cheeses.

You might use corn flour which could be found easily particularly in Mexican section groceries. This would be great if you want the chili to taste with a shade of corn.

Some other essential ingredients that must be considered include tortilla chips, cornstarch, onions, tomato sauce and more.

How To Thicken Chili?

As said earlier, there could be numbers of ways to consider in thickening a chili. And these ways are the following:

Thicken Chili With Cornstarch


The process is fairly so easy. Just follow the steps below:

Make a cornstarch slurry by combining a tablespoon cornstarch with a tablespoon of water to be added to the dish.

Now, beat the cornstarch and water then isolate bowl prior to adding it to the dish. There must be no protuberances.

Blend the cornstarch slurry to the warm chili dish then warmth over medium up to medium-high heat up until the blend thickens and bubbles.

You should also include more water and cornstarch once needed. Once the chili isn’t thickened sufficiently, you could make more slurry. Huge clumps having more than two mugs of too much fluid might need to double the measure of the slurry.

And give the chili dish at least two more minutes to cook after it thickens for the cornstarch to entirely separate.

Bear in mind also that the cornstarch would give the fluid a reflexive appearance. In addition, cornstarch is flavorless and will not change the essence of the dish.

Thicken Chili With Flour


This process would use a standard thickening method with flour. Consider flour or also an unflavored protein powder in order to thicken a low carb chili dish. You also include slurry produced with the use of a ¼ container of cool water or you might also plunge out a portion of the dish juice for you to use and only add two tablespoons of flour.

Just blend the flour and the water in the different the bowl, beat thoroughly using the fork to make it smooth and have no bumps.

Add the flour blend to the dish and cook for over medium to medium-high warmth on the stove along with continually mixing up until the liquid thickens and bubbles. This would take couple of minutes.

For another minute or two, just keep cooking and mixing up until the dish thickens for the flour to be consolidated in the dish. There will also be no visible signs of flour in the chili dish if cooked.

For bigger pots of a chili dish, just double the amount of the flour and water.

For the taste not to suffer, consider adding more other flavors to the chili dish.

Thicken Chili With Cornmeal


Another great way is through the use of cornmeal. The steps are as follow:

Add two to three tablespoon of either cornmeal or the masa harina straight to the dish to thicken the fluid.

Include it without having to blend with water. Just blend it together thoroughly and it would absorb excess water from the dish.

Stew the chili dish for another five to seven minutes with the thickening mixture being added.

Fine cornmeal would look like flour but would have a robust corn taste. And masa harina has a robust flavor as well.

Cornmeal or masa harina might indeed influence the essence of the chili dish. It could provide the essence of the polenta or tortilla shells to the fluid.

Thicken Chili With Emulsifier


Simply buy an emulsifier. This one, like for instance, lecithin would scatter the fat within the chili dish along with a marginally thicker and rich mouth feel to every chomp having not to expand consistency that much.

There is a need for you to dispose any excessive fat prior to emulsifying. Once you keep it on, the fat would taste better and would absorb all the flavors too. Just bear in mind that there is also a possibility that most of the fat could be depleted in the process. You must not use the emulsifiers too liberally instead only a teaspoon for a small pot and a tablespoon for a larger pot.

Thicken Chili Using Arrowroot


You need to get some arrowroot. You simply add a teaspoon of arrowroot blended along with around a teaspoon of cold water to the dish and then let the dish until it thickens.

Independently blend the arrowroot and the water in a small bowl until smooth.

If youl add slurry, then permit the dish to go stew through constantly mixing. The fluid will rapidly thicken.

The arrowroot would allude to a starch got right from the arrowroot plant. It could be found too close to cornstarch.

In addition, arrowroot is also intense and flavorless so there is just a need for a little sum. It will not weaken the taste as well.

This would add a bit gleam to the presence of the dish fluid.

Now, give the dish the chance to lessen just by expelling the top from the pot of the chili dish and let it stew for another 30 minutes up to an hour.

By Using A Tomato Paste

Tomato paste is another great option to consider in order to thicken the chili dish. Here are the steps to follow:

Blend a jar of tomato paste to the dish during the last 30 minutes of cooking and this will create a great mixture.

Tomato paste could be biting, you might need to add a teaspoon up to a tablespoon of granulated sugar to the dish as well. This sugar would offset the sharpness and would also add a mellow sweetness into the dish.

You have to gradually include the tomato paste once you only need to thicken the dish slightly. You should also blend well right after every addition as this would give you the gauge of the thickness and would prevent from over thickening as well.

Thicken Chili With Noodles


As an alternative, you could also add uncooked noodles to stewing chili dish as for taking up the fluid. Give the dish a chance to stew for almost 10 to 15 minutes as to warmth and also check the noodles up until they are delicate or firm.

Use Beans


Once the dish has beans, simply strain out around the half-glass of the beans then re-boil or simply puree them in a blender. Put the beans back to the dish, blend it and cook it for a couple of minutes. You might include canned or home-cooked beans and also include some other strong fixings.

Tips And Tricks About Chili Thickening

How to thicken chili without having a floury taste?

What is the best option in terms of meat to consider?

Why shouldn’t I add a lot of slurries?

What makes a chili dish less potent?

Those are some of the ways that you might consider as you plan to thicken chili. But in addition to that, there could still be other techniques worth to be mentioned such as the use of diced tomatoes, peppers and onions. Whatever way you choose, just simply follow the right steps and you will quickly thicken chili dish.

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