Blackstone Pizza Oven Review: Is One Of The Best Ovens To Buy? Tips, Tricks And Buyer’s Guide


Is the Blackstone Pizza Oven a big help in making delightful home-made pizza snack? With several ovens available in the market, it’s hard to identify which will be truly helpful in preparing food for your family.

Available fast foods through delivery are the foremost options for many households. But if you want to make it more special and delicious,  making food (like pizza) on your own could be more satisfying. With this, does this Pizza Oven from Blackstone qualify as the best pizza oven option? Will it be the right oven suited to your preference and needs?

Throughout this article, you will know more about this oven. See for yourself if this oven is the oven you’ve been looking for.

Blackstone Pizza Oven Features And Specs

This is a 103 lbs. pizza oven with 45.5” x 25.5 “x 53” dimension. Its steel handle is durable. The pizza oven also comes with an igniter push button and provides even and a quick reheat attribute that’s made possible through its burner (60,000 BTU). Every pizza could be cooked twice faster compared to other pizza oven products.

blackstone pizza oven

It’s made with convection perfection. To make sure that every pizza will be cooked perfectly, this pizza oven provides even distribution of heat. Moreover, the convection design (proprietary) enable you to cook pizza as fast as two to three minutes. This may also be the right fit for your backyard.

This oven is also easy to move into wherever you want due to its steel handles. Cooking temperature is also adjustable, which helps you have a pizza perfection. A 16- inch pizza could fit in this oven’s rotating pizza stone, which has a quality push bearing powered by propane.

It may not limits its function on cooking pizza as any types of bread could also be cooked in this oven. If you want a demo or a glimpse on how this Pizza Oven works, watch HERE.

Blackstone Oven Pros And Things We Liked

Below are the good things about this oven:

This Pizza Oven can be assembled easily: You can put this pizza cooker together for less than 15 minutes.

It’s easy to utilize considering its simple design: Several of its parts are movable so it offers easy control to the owner.

Movable: If you’re the type of person who frequently enjoys backyard meals in large groups and you often change the position of your cooking instruments for additional tables or chairs, this may be the right fit for your needs. It’s easy to move and you can lock it up.

An outdoors oven companion: Making pizza outdoors is fun and with the flexible features if this oven, it can save your time and effort for relocating things.

blackstone pizza oven

This pizza oven is efficient to use: You don’t even need a great amount of propane. You can even easily heat this up for about ten minutes.

Fast cooking period: Your hot evenly cooked pizzas will be ready in just a few minutes. This is good if you need to cook more pizzas. You could have ten delightful pizzas in an hour.

Convenient to use and portable: With the wheels of this oven, you can conveniently move it. On the other hand, if you’re on a trip and want to have pizzas for a snack, you can easily disassemble it.

Cleaning wouldn’t be a problem: The pizza leftovers don’t burn hard, that’s why it can be easily wiped out when the oven is cooled. The only thing you must pay attention to is cleaning its pizza stone.

Blackstone Oven Cons And Dealbreakers

blackstone pizza oven

But, there are as well certain downsides in terms of this pizza oven including the following:

The pizza burner might not last for twenty years but still, that’s so valuable for its price. It’s several years, though.

You might not also like its plate shaft collar and would want it to be adjusted. But then, in its overall performance of pizza oven, it worth it.

If you’re not a fan of Neapolitan pizza style, which is a bit charring, you may not need to this oven. It may not also advisable to have it if you’re cooking few pizzas per month.

A Few Tips To Consider When Cooking Pizza At Home

What are the important guidelines or facts that you must know about the said pizza oven? As a beginner, the following tips will help you:

  • Conduct a test run or practice before the actual cooking of your pizza. This will let you get to know how this pizza oven works such as how you’re going to dial and arrive at the right temperature.
  • Briefly turn off the motor constantly when you’re launching the pie. Afterward, turn it on again. This is very advisable most especially if you’re a beginner in launching a pizza on its spinning stone.
  • It’s better to keep the pizza oven covered when you’re not using it. Putting it in a dry place such as your garage will also greatly help in preserving its life since it will be less exposed to any unwanted elements.
blackstone pizza oven
  • You better preheat this pizza oven for about ten minutes. Then turn on the rotating mechanism of the oven’s stone for the stone to evenly heat. To arrive at an ideal oven temperature that will enhance the overall taste of your pizza, turn the flame dial to 4 o’clock point estimated.
  • Practice the use of pizza peel. Anyway, using it is just so easy.
  • With the guide of infrared temperature in cooking, it is easy to comprehend the baking temperature. This will guarantee that you sufficiently heated the oven stone.
  • You can use the oven grill to cook or heat up foods. It’s flexible and useful as that. You’ll come up with a pizza having puffy rim charring and thin crust.
  • This Pizza oven has similarity with the wood fired oven. It’s ideal pizza oven that cooks numbers of pizzas in a short time.
  • This comes with a cart and you can remove the oven out of it and just settle it on the counter.

Essential Accessories To Complimen The Blackstone Pizza Oven

There are typical and important tools to use in making pizza aside from oven. Some of these are as follows:

Pizza Peel

blackstone pizza oven

This could be a metal or wood. The use of pizza peel wood, which is sprinkled with flour, can easily launch the pie to the pizza oven compared to the metal peel. On the other hand, the metal peel is best when fetching pie off the pizza stone. 

Infrared Thermometer (Handheld)

blackstone pizza oven

Before launching your pizza pie, it’s better to identify the cooking surface’s precise temperature. The ideal range of temperature would be from 600 degrees to 700 degrees. You can find this pizza tool online and with a particularly affordable price. With these tools, you may create a perfectly circled pizza.

Pizza Screen

blackstone pizza oven

This may change some of the significant texture as well as the color of your pizza’s bottom crust, but this screen provides a favorable cooling area to place your hot delightful pizza pie on. It is responsible for maintaining the crispy and nice crust of the pie while it is at rest.

Is The Blackstone Oven The Right Choice For You?

At this moment, you may already discover the capability, the strength, and weakness of this pizza oven based on what’s discussed above. So, you’ll be the one to decide whether it is good for your needs or not. Is it the oven you’ve looking for or you found it less essential and attractive? Whatever your decision is, you know that it will be a good deal for you.

blackstone pizza oven

Blackstone Pizza Oven could be one of the most favorable pizza ovens that you may have at an ideal price. It provides convenient features that could make your pizza preparation more exciting, fast and satisfying. It’s easy to use and can provide the crispiness that you like a pizza.

There are several recipes you could prepare and serve with a highly performing instrument like oven. If you’re a pizzaholic, you may tend to search for pizza ovens like Blackstone Pizza Oven. This offers a lot of potential for people who are determined to create a satisfying pizza-making experience. Some of the main points are as follows:

This pizza oven is movable, can last for years at a surprisingly affordable price.

Some would just prefer creating an oven that is fired by woods. But the fact that this pizza maker provides more convenience and flexibility making it an irresistible oven.

In totality, considering its price and worth, it’s one valuable investment.

If you have further queries about Blackstone Pizza Oven, just comment down.

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