Buying Guide And Reviews: Which Is The Best Ninja Blender?

best ninja blender

Are you looking for a simple way in order to consume more vegetables and fruits at the same time supercharging your diet having a range of essential nutrients? If yes, then having the best ninja blender must not be ignored. There is a fact that most of us do hate eating vegetables, right? However, blending and juicing could indeed give you a unique way on how to consume more vegetables and fruits having not to adapt the diet of an herbivore. Just simply choose the best blender that suits your needs.

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For some of the best options, consider the following:

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Reviews Of The Best Ninja Blenders

Here are the reviews of the best ninja blenders available in the market today.

Best Pick For Control Of Texture And Consistency

If you’re looking for a ninja blender that could give you sufficient control on its consistency and texture, Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO could be the one for you.

This favorably has 2 interchangeable vessels. You can switch this easily to vitamin extractor and processor.

Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO is a powerful machine that can break down or process everything may it be seeds, ice, whole foods, smoothies, and others.

It possesses an intellectual program, which combines great timing, pausing patterns and nice blending that could greatly do the job for you. This blending machine boosts great control on blending consistency and texture.

User Rating:

Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO is one of the excellent ninja blenders that could provide you flavorful, fresh and wholesome ingredients. But the only issue that you could notice is its quite small processor, which means that it could do small works.

This blender is not advisable for larger family use. That’s why if you’re looking for a blending machine that is good for one person, this ninja blender is the perfect option.


Favorable ninja blender for size
Powerful blender
Compact and convenient
Easy to utilize
Has auto-IQ technology
Easily blend and extract


Regular washing or cleaning
Quite small for big families

Best Pick For Power

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) is a good blender when it comes to power, which means that it could work greatly on various grinding and blending process. If you’re looking for such, this blender will be the best ninja blender option for you.

If you want to add up elegance and distinct style in your kitchen, this blending machine will be right for your taste and use.

It provides stunning yet efficient and effective blending work or solution to your bending needs and preferences.

Through correctly following instruction (from its manual), you can eventually turn the ice into a snow easily and quietly.

User Rating:

This blender comes with 2 16 oz. Cups that are best for blending drinks. It’s also is a favorable blending machine for people who love efficiency and style.

Blending, mixing and grinding are made very easy and enjoyable with this machine. But on the downside, it could not liquefy foods completely. All in all, this provides quite impressive features.


Fast and efficient blender for processing and blending foods
Comes with 2 helpful 16 oz. cups
Even and easy chopping
More mineral and vitamins for your processed food
Powerful blender


Can create louder sound depending on the type of food being mixed
Can struggle a bit with liquefying food totally

Best Pick For Affordability And Quick Blending Time

Creating great smoothie or other blended output and doing it in less time will surely be great. Nutri Ninja Ninja BlendMax DUO will provide you such desirable attributes.

When it comes to efficiency and affordability, this ninja blender could rock your kitchen and blender desire.

This provides a simple yet efficient blending system that makes use of a traditional operation. It can pulverize or completely crushes ice in just a few seconds.

Nutri Ninja Ninja BlendMax DUO also introduces Auto-iQ technology, the single touch convenient blending. It also enables users to have a control or power regarding the consistency as well as texture the processed ingredients to create smoothies or juices.

User Rating:

Moreover, its powerful vitamin and nutrient extraction is pretty impressive.

Though it could sometimes create loud sounds while blending, it’s still a great machine to have. Just don’t use it in the middle of the night. It will surely be noisy.


Great crushing power
Best blender for soups
Excellent blades
Simple and easy blending


Very loud blender
Could be better blender for soup than for smoothies

Best Pick For Efficient And Fast Blending Option For One Person

If you’re looking for a fast and efficient blending option or solution that is good for one person, Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ (BL481) would be the best pick.

This could be one of the popular ninja blending machines due to the blending experience and capabilities it gives to its users.

Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ (BL481) offers a favorable blending solution that is full-sized. It’s quite popular for blending hands-free. You could also enjoy using its three (3) Ninja cups as well a powerful motor.

User Rating:

Aside from that, this bender provides several unique benefits. It combines varied functions such as blending timed pulsing and most of all, the pausing function. It can do a great job for breaking down vegetables, whole fruits, and others through its favorable blades.

If you’re clueless on the particular blending time, you shouldn’t worry because this blender will assist you in determining it. You could effectively do it through its countdown timer (digital). This best ninja blender will be great if you’re looking for personal blending machine.


Favorable blades
Powerful blending machine motor
Solution for timed blending
Ultimate extractor blades
Varied helpful cups and sealed lids


Only good for 1 person batches

Best Pick For Impressive Extractor Blade

Efficient and effective blades will make a blender more functional. If you’re looking for that attribute on a blender, Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo will be the right fit for you.

Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo provides efficient blending machine for home use. With its favorable features, this blends nutrients in faster and easier way.

Its extractor power and blades bring the ultimate vitamin and nutrient extraction that everyone is craving for.

More than that, those blades are rotated at a maximum level of speed, which means that it could liquefy the ingredients you’ve chosen into the smoothest juices, purees, and smoothies.

User Rating:

This blending machine is also equipped with wise and times blending programs that could avoid less guesswork for you. It’s indeed, one of the favorable best ninja blender choices.


Simple features and pre-programmed one
Timer display
Intelligent blending
Powerful ninja blender
Large food processor and blender
Includes recipe books and tumblers
Impressive Pro Extractor Blade


Can create louder blender noise compared to others.


Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO with Auto-iQ Boost (NN102)

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770)

Nutri Ninja Ninja BlendMax DUO with Auto-iQ Boost (BL2012)

Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ (BL642)

Nutri Ninja Auto iQ (BL481)



14.4 x 10.4 x 16.1 inches

9.5 x 8.2 x 17.8 inches

8.6 x 15.8 x 16.4 inches

7 x 10 x 17.5 inches

15.8 x 12.8 x 7.9 inches


6.1 pounds

9.2 pounds

16.2 pounds

10.1 pounds

10 pounds

Material Type


















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What You Need To Know About Ninja Blenders

For almost majority of households these days, blenders are indeed popular and also a necessary kitchen appliance particularly to those who love blending or juicing. There is as well a fact that not all blenders could grind, chop or liquefy what is inside of them so there is really a need for you to find the best one in terms of multiple styles as well as features should be considered.

Indeed, ninja blenders are the best options to consider. In fact, it is the leading brand in the market today in terms of power, dependability and other great features. There is an assurance that their blenders are so powerful wherein they do almost everything. And since there are numbers of options to choose from, being guided on how to choose the right one is indeed important.

In addition, ninja blenders are known to be the newest innovation in the food processing and blending world. The features are advanced and it offers power and speed beyond you could ever imagine. There are varied roles of these blenders and because of its versatility, it is indeed considered as a useful kitchen tool all year round.

How To Pick The Perfect Ninja Blender For You

Once into the idea of buying ninja blender, certain factors to consider are the following:


This one is crucial once determining the smoothness of the smoothies. Once you aim to have finer drinks then a powerful motor is also needed. But a lower wattage will suffice if you aim for a bit chunky drinks.


Simply pick a design that would suit both your lifestyle and your taste as well.

The size of the Cups

Simply pick a design that would suit both your lifestyle and your taste as well.


And finally, there is a need to consider your budget as you plan to purchase a ninja blender. You should pick a decent blender based on your allotted budget for the said kitchen tool.

Ninja Blender’s Standout Features

Due to the fact that ninja blenders are not just your standard blender, there are features that really stand out from the rest. These include the following:

Ninja Auto-iQ Technology

Ninja blenders could make operation and some other complicated tasks so easy just by a touch of a button. This feature will reassure easy and consistent results. There is no more mixing, no more stirring, and no more guesswork too. It could definitely ensure proper consistency. There will be an arrangement of five intelligent presets including Auto-iQ Frozen Drinks or Smoothies Mode, Auto-iQ Nutri Ninja Blend Mode, Auto-iQ Food Puree Mode, Auto-iQ Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend Mode and Auto-iQ Food Pulse Mode.

Total Crushing Technology

The inability of thoroughly blending ice is considered as one of the most frustrating things when it comes to blenders. But with this feature, you could definitely get a perfectly even as well as snow-like ice which is ideal in terms of making frozen drinks.

Nutrient and Vitamin Extraction

You could definitely throw whole fruits as well as vegetables having not to worry about removing the seeds and skin. Aside from being convenient, it also offers numbers of great health benefits. Indeed, nutrients and vitamins could be found in the skin of the veggies and fruits.

Nutrient Fusion

This is about the fusion of foods that contain nutrients from vegetables, fruits, and some other foods. There is an attached food processor for you to produce unique as well as special dishes.

With these standout features of ninja blender, you wouldn’t want to ignore having one too.

Benefits of Ninja Blenders

Blenders from Ninja could also offer wide numbers of advantages compared to other products. These benefits are the following:

Patented Blade Technology - There are 4-blade and 6-blade technologies which are designed in a way that they could blend food all throughout the container. The food will not be stuck in the lower region too. The food will be well-processed and well-minced. There will also be no difficulty in terms of cleaning the vessel.

All-in-One - You could really use these ninja blenders for several functions. There are blades which could puree, blend, chop and make dough as well. You could also make drinks and smoothies. Aside from that, you could also make soups and salsa, even a cake or cookie dough.

Container Variety - These blenders would come in different size options in terms of pitcher size. Aside from the pitcher, there are also single-serve cups which would allow you in terms of making personal drinks.

Consistent Blending - Indeed, there is an assurance that foods are consistently processed. There will be no chunks or a mushy product.

Short Blending Time - They are high-powered that could slice through the food and process it in a matter of minutes. You could also get a pitcher full of flakes from ice cubes instantly. This would decrease the time for preparing a meal for family or friends.

Stylish - Everything is designed in order to please your senses. They are not just safe to use but are appealing to the eyes too. This kitchen tool will definitely add to the style of your kitchen.

BPA-Free - Because they are used in making food products which are ingested directly it is important that there is no toxin at all. Good to know that plastic used in this blender is indeed BPA-free. This would save you from effects of any contamination.

Scratch-Proof - Materials used in these blenders couldn’t be easily scratched allowing you to maintain the product.

Dishwasher-Safe - Ninja blenders would offer easy to clean feature. You could pop in those parts into the dishwasher and all of them will be cleaned well. But, there is a need to read the manual carefully to know the parts that should be kept in the part of the dishwasher.

Those are the benefits that you could reap as you consider the use of ninja blenders.

Proper Blender Care

Along with having a blender, proper caring for the said kitchen tool should also be observed. Here are some tips on how you could properly care for the blender:

You have to make sure that all the parts are perfectly fitted as you use it since loose parts might fly out causing it to malfunction or be damaged.

Use blender only for its specific purpose. But still, no worry as ninja blender could do almost everything.

Clean the blender right after using it. You should not let the food to cling to the jar and blades for a long period of time as it would leave a rotten smell and might also pose health hazards.

Proper drying should also be observed. Put the blender after washing upside down in order to remove all the water. Use a piece of cloth once drying it and air it out as well as for getting rid all the moisture.

Allow the blender to stop as well. You should not replace or remove the blender on the base once it is running. Consider doing it after the motor has completely stopped in order to prevent the shaft from breakage.

Bear in mind the above-mentioned tips as you care for your blender, particularly a ninja blender.

Blending Tips

And for some blending tips, here are some to consider:

  • Cut vegetables and fruits in small pieces.
  • Save the ice for last.
  • You could put a little liquid first.
  • First grind the difficult ingredients.
  • Do not over blend.
  • Experiment with small batches.
  • Consider veggies and fruits leftovers.


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Pick For The Best

The best pick among the best ninja blenders will be the Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO with Auto-iQ Boost (NN102). It possesses most of the desired attributes in a ninja blenders. Aside from efficiently gaining control on the texture and consistency, it’s also favorable for its size. Moreover, it provides sufficient power for blending or processing ingredients. This blender is also very easy to utilize. Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO is truly a worthy blender to use.

Final Thoughts

If you are indeed into blending foods, having the best blender is a very important thing to you. And though you have the best options of blenders in the market today, why not go to the best ninja blender? Yes! The money to spend in purchasing this blender will be worth it all as you are guaranteed with the best product when it comes to a blender.

Do you have any suggestions about ninja blenders? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us!

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