How To Keep Your Kitchen Clean And Safe? Cleaning And Safety Tips And Tricks


The kitchen is one of the important parts of the home because it is where the food that you’ll feed your family is prepared. This is the main reason why it’s important to keep the kitchen not only clean but also safe to use. A clean kitchen can help in improving the health condition of the family. Thus, it only makes sense for you to know the different tips in keeping the kitchen clean and safe.

The Kitchen Areas That Deserve Your Attention The Most: 

1. Fridge And Freezer

To clean the freezer and refrigerator easier, the best thing to do is maintain it daily so that dirt will not pile up. It’s important to keep the freezer and refrigerator clean to ensure that it is safe to keep the foods inside. Make sure that the interior of the unit is well-cleaned by using dishwashing liquid and water.

Pantries and Cabinets

Another area where foods are kept are the pantries and cabinets. Some of the foods to store in shelf include canned foods, spices, baking mixes, pasta, rice, and cereals. It’s important to keep the storage dry in order not to attract insects.

​3. Always Sanitize You Kitchen Sink

It’s not enough to just clean the kitchen, it should also include sanitizing. You can use chlorine bleach in sanitizing refrigerator shelves and drawers, sinks and even cutting boards. It is also a must to sanitize the kitchen floor because germs and bacteria may thrive on it. By mopping and sweeping the floor regularly it can prevent the build-up of grease, debris, and dirt.

4. Dishlothes - One Of The Dirtiest Areas In The House

If you’re using dishcloths in cleaning the kitchen make sure that it is properly used and cleaned, otherwise it can be the culprit of contamination. Once you have used the dishcloth wiping fresh produce, replace it immediately. Paper towels should be discarded after use to avoid bacteria contamination. The best thing to do is to use new, fry dishcloth as you start working in the kitchen.

How To Keep Your Kitchen Safe? A Few Tips

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of every home, but when not maintained and cleaned up properly, it can be dangerous. Keep in mind that there are potential risks present in the kitchen such as sharp knives, boiling water in pots and exposed hot surfaces. Those risks can cause serious injury to whoever using the kitchen. Thus, know the ways on how to keep the kitchen safe by following the tips listed below:

Try To Clean Up Fast

Cleaning up spills in the kitchen quickly is a must and the basic precaution to avoid possible hazard and injury. Oil and grease from cooking are dangerous.

Test The Smoke Detector 

Installing smoke detector at home is recommended in order to avoid possible fire. It is in the kitchen where many cases of house fire start. But, there are instances in which the fire detector may not function well in detecting the smoke, that’s why the best thing to do is to check the smoke detector regularly.

Get a Fire Extinguisher 

It is said that accident happens unexpectedly and no one wants to experience a fire accident. Having fire extinguisher at home is a must so that you can use it during emergency. It should be stored in an accessible location.

Understand Fire 

Know some preventive measures can help in preventing fire. Since most fires are ignited by oxygen, the best way to stop a fire is by smothering it with pot cover or wet rag. However, grease fires need special handling and using baking soda or salt can put the fire out. If the cause is the microwave, you should unplug the unit to stop the fire. Using baking soda or fire extinguisher is recommended for oven fires.

As the fire starts, you should call for help, but make sure to exert effort before the help arrives. If the fire is out of control, leave the place immediately.

Be cautious of accessories and clothing 

Accessories and clothing are also considered as cooking hazard. That’s why when cooking, make sure not to wear bracelets or other accessories that may get into pot handles. Likewise, avoid wearing long sleeves and if your hair is long, you should cover it with a net. When cooking, see to it that the handle is positioned in a way that it can’t be grabbed easily.

Keep pets and kids at bay

Before letting your child help in the kitchen, you should brief them not to play in the kitchen. Always pay attention when using the stove and bear in mind that it doesn’t cool down instantly after turning it off and it can pose a danger. In the same manner, do not allow your pets to roam around the kitchen and keep away toys on the kitchen floor to avoid tripping hazards. This means that the kitchen is a “no pet” and “no toy” zone to keep the area safe.

Be aware - Steam is Dangerous

There are many cases of scald burns due to boiling water and other hot beverages. However, steam can also cause scalding that’s why you need to be very careful in handling boiling water. Never stay close when lifting the lid of a pot or when pulling out in the microwave.

A healthy kitchen is a place where you can prepare meals safely. It’s essential to prioritize cleaning the kitchen all the time because it can affect the health of your family. Aside from those tips mentioned above, keeping the kitchen clean and safe isn’t enough to ensure preparing the foods safely and healthy.

You shouldn’t forget the basic and that is washing hands before preparing the food. It’s also important to wash rinds of raw produce. The rinds may have bacteria that’s why they should be washed carefully with water before cutting them to avoid transferring the bacteria into the dish.

Another thing to consider is proper storage of foods. Even if the fridge is well-cleaned, contamination may occur when the foods are not stored properly. You can use airtight containers to avoid contamination and never overstuff the refrigerator so cool air will circulate throughout and prevent bacteria growth.

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