How to Clean your Waffle Iron – Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Waffle Makers Cleaning And Maintenance – How To Prolong The Appliance Life


If you’re like me, you also dread the clean-up job that comes with using a waffle maker. Especially if you also have the regular, sticky iron grids, it would probably take you a while before you get that batter residue completely cleaned out.

It’s not really about being lazy, but more of not having the luxury of time to spend on such chores. But like anything else in life, there are workarounds to every situation, and yes, even when it comes to cleaning your waffle iron grids.

This is exactly what we will be covering in this article: the most efficient and time-saving ways you can keep your precious appliance in its best shape. By the time you’re done reading this, the mere idea of cleaning up your waffle mess should no longer be as daunting.

Tip  #1: Let it cool

Waffle Batter And Iron

Before doing anything else, allow your waffle maker to cool down first by unplugging it, and this is a no-brainer., Logic will tell you that won’t be able to effectively clean a piping hot iron waffle grid (unless of course, you have superpowers or a really thick skin).

Ideally, the machine should be cooled off for two hours before you start cleaning it. But if you don’t have that much time to spare, immediately unplug it after making that last waffle. Doing so allows you to enjoy your cooking while you let the machine cool down, like shooting two birds with one stone.

Tip #2: Use An Appropriate Cloth

Now let’s dive right in to the actual cleaning process. The good thing about most waffle maker brands in the market today is that they do not require special cleaning materials, or materials you won’t find lying in your linen cabinet.

When dealing with crumbs or caked up batter, a dry paper towel is more than enough to get the job done. But for those stubborn remnants that would not come off using a paper cloth, a damp towel should do the trick. The moisture on this cloth should also help wipe off any excess oil spray if you used some.

The same damp cloth can also be used to clean the exterior. Even if your machine is made from scratchproof stainless, it would still be best to wipe it off after use to prevent the accumulation of dirt or to rinse off any excess batter that may have spilled over.

Tip #3: Leave no oil residue

Oil Residue Waffle Maker

Nonstick waffle iron grids normally do not need to be oiled up, but there are some that could use a few sprays of baking oil to help that final golden brown product just slide right out. The minor issue I have about oiling up waffle grids is the build-up that occurs, especially if left out for days without cleaning.

When dealing with baking oil spray residue, a rubber spatula is your best friend. If you don’t own one, a damp cloth would work with this, as well.

Important pro tip to take note of: Never use a sharp object like a knife or fork, to avoid any possible damage to your iron grids.

Tip #4: Wash your plates occasionally

Dishwasher Safe Waffle Grid Irons

The good thing about waffle makers of today is that they require very little washing. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect this process altogether.

From time to time, those iron plates will need rinsing with soap and water. If your waffle maker has removable plates, take them out and submerge them in a warm water bath using a basin of your choice with a drop or two of liquid dish soap. Using a sponge or a soft-bristled brush, gently clean off any batter residue that’s been caught up between those grids.

Finish off the rinsing process by holding the detached plate horizontally under running water.

The warm water-and-soap combo also works for non-detachable plates, but instead, you will be dipping your rag or soft-bristled brush onto this solution you’ve created.

Tip #5: Overall Maintenance

I deliberately separated this section from the cleaning tips, since it’s an entirely different subject matter altogether. It is one thing to clean up after the mess you made, but it’s another to be able to keep your machine looking and functioning like brand new at all times.

The first important tip to remember is to use very little oil, no matter the recipe, especially if you are already working with nonstick waffle grids. A good amount would be that one dip of a pastry brush tip on some oil on a surface like a bowl. If you are using baking spray, one spritz will do.

Using too much oil, especially baking sprays, would lead to gunk accumulation and that extra hassle when cleanup time comes. Also, it’s not exactly that good for our health.

If in doubt about anything, you can always turn to the device’s instruction manual. It may be turn out to be a long, tedious read, but it should contain all the information you will need in terms of operating the machine, as well as care tips to keep it in tip-top shape.

Final Words

We all know the fun part about owning a waffle maker: instant, crispy breakfast waffles you can make at the comfort of your own home while in your pyjamas. It does make mornings extra special, whether you are serving up a batch for yourself or for all the members of your household.

But there is also that very important clean-up job that comes after its usage, which should not be neglected or done haphazardly. These little tips and tricks we’ve introduced should be helpful, not only in keeping your appliance grime-free but also with prolonging its life and service to ultimately give you your money’s worth.

Hopefully, these cleaning and maintenance tidbits would serve you well as a proud waffle maker owner. If it does work well with you, pay it forward by sharing it around with others, as well.

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