25 Health Benefits of Cinnamon Oil You Should Know About

Cinnamon, also called as ‘Cinnamomum zeylanicum’ was first originated in Asia and was commonly used in places like India and Sri Lanka. In fact, Cinnamon was once so renowned that many of the world’s colonial powers often waged wars for it.

Cinnamon was once so prized that it ranked in value with ivory and gold, and was offered as an expensive offering at the Temple of Apollo.


Where does Cinnamon come from?

The origins of the spice were kept as a mysterious secret by the middlemen who controlled the spice trade in efforts to maintain their monopoly. However, Sri Lanka is known to be the home to the superior Cinnamomum Verum, also known as True Cinnamon, that’s the best type of cinnamon for health.

Now, the cinnamon bark is found in almost all the tropical regions of the world. This commodity partly because of its myriad of medicinal uses has become widely popular in places like Ayurveda in India.

Cinnamon has historically been appreciated in different traditions and cultures as a natural remedy for some health problems which include, but are not limited to menstruation cramps, diarrhea, muscle pain and even cancer.

Differences between
Cinnamon extract and Cinnamon oil.

People often mistake cinnamon oil with cinnamon extract. On the contrary, cinnamon oil (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) is a widely useful oil that is recognized across the globe for its pharmaceutical and health benefits.

Cinnamon oil is different from the cinnamon extract in that one-part flavoring oil is approximately equal to four parts of cinnamon extract. However, this may differ according to the product used.

To avoid any discrepancy in measurements, especially when cooking or baking, it is advisable to start by replacing every teaspoon of cinnamon extract with 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon oil. You can keep adding more drops of oil until you are satisfied with the flavor and consistency of the oil.

How Can Cinnamon Oil Benefit
Your Health?

Cinnamon is unique in its antibacterial and antifungal properties which make it an ideal spice for cooking and other purposes. Whether you decide to use cinnamon oil as an ingredient while cooking or when drinking it directly as a substitute for other expensive medicines, the benefits that cinnamon oil has to offer are diverse.

Cinnamon is particularly imbued with minerals like calcium and iron and also contains fiber that makes it truly beneficial for the digestion process. Many people, however, are unaware of the benefits that cinnamon oil has to offer.

Most individuals usually stick to coconut or castor oil for cooking and direct application to the body, particularly to hair and skin. And while the benefits of coconut and castor oil are many, it is just a few of the many beneficial oils that nature has to offer such as cinnamon oil.

This list attempts to bridge the gap that exists for people who are looking to reap some benefits of nature and adopt a healthy lifestyle starting immediately. Indeed, cinnamon oil has a lot of health benefits to offer:

Health Benefits of Cinnamon Oil

1. Cinnamon sharpens your brain  functions. 

It helps to relax individuals and works by loosening the muscles and creating an atmosphere of great calm and relaxation. It is no wonder then that most spa’s trying to create a great ambiance for their clients usually burn candles made out of cinnamon wax which works to alleviate tension and reduce the possibility of memory loss.

2. Cinnamon is good for your skin.

Most people wonder and often ask me ‘is cinnamon good for your skin?’ I always respond in the affirmative. Indeed, Cinnamon oil has proven to have positive effects on skin wrinkles by being absorbed deep into the skin, smoothing over wrinkles and moisturizing the skin.

It also improves skin elasticity and helps reduce signs of aging. Cinnamon powder can also be used as a lip balm; not just for its appealing scent, but also to contribute to reducing wrinkles around the lip and the mouth, helping to smooth out the crevices.

3. Cinnamon Oil Can Help Purify Your Blood

Cinnamon oil when digested few drops at a time works by flushing out all the toxins from the blood streams and can clear out the impurities in the body. This is crucial for people looking for a natural and easy cure for pimples that usually pop up because of an unhealthy diet that includes junk food and other oily foods.

The cinnamon oil thus works as a natural remedy for pimples and acne without having resulted in any side effect.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Properties.

Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties, which work to relieve the stiffness found in joints and muscles. It is also useful for people suffering from arthritis. In some cases, it may also work for migraines and helps in distressing and provides a quick pain relief.

5. Keeps Your Blood Sugar In Check

Cinnamon may also work to keep the blood sugar levels in check which makes it an amazing and cheap product for diabetics and cuts down on the money spent using insulin. Research shows that cinnamon is an effective remedy for people with type two diabetes who have trouble keeping their blood sugar levels in check.

Numerous researchers have found that minerals in cinnamon can chemically combine with insulin and help in reducing blood sugar levels naturally and painlessly.

6. Great For Treating Infections.

Because of its antiseptic properties, Cinnamon is effective in treating infections, both internal and external to the body. It is particularly helpful in eliminating bacteria present in the lining of the lower intestine.

7. Cinnamon Can Stop Excessive Bleeding.

 It is particularly beneficial as an antiseptic for bruises and scrapes for both adults and children, as it quickens the healing process and provides immediate relief from the wound.

Thus, it works as both a pain relief through its aromatic smell and also aids the healing process by stopping the excess flow of blood through injuries.

8. Cinnamon Can Help With Heart Problems

It is believed that the fiber and the calcium, which is abundant in cinnamon, aids in combating various heart diseases. When added to your food, this substance can significantly help to reduce the chances of facing problems like high blood pressure and coronary artery disease.

Moreover, because cinnamon has a nice and tangy aroma, it may also make your food appear and smell more appetizing and thus make your fine dining experience a truly rewarding one.

9. It Can Lower The Risk Of Colon Cancer

 This is crucial for men who are unaware of the dangers of colon cancer that are actually more common than is believed or even realized.

10. Cinnamon is an excellent mouth freshener.

Chewing gum often uses cinnamon as an ingredient because it is effective in combating bad odor and is an excellent mouth freshener.

11. Cinnamon is used in making perfumes.

It has an exotic smell and is widely used in making perfumes. Many famous and high-end perfume brands use cinnamon in their perfumes such as Channel and Dolce & Gabbana. In fact, cinnamon is one of the most used ingredients in the perfume making industry.

For people who cannot afford these high priced brands, therefore, a drop of cinnamon oil gently rubbed or smoothed over the skin or on your clothes can keep you smelling fresh all day.

12. It Speeds Up Digestion Of Food

Cinnamon is used as an ingredient in many traditional recipes. Not only does it add flavor to your diet, but it also speeds up the digestion process. It is very effective for treating indigestion, diarrhea and nausea.

It is very useful in dispelling gas from the intestines and the stomach and prevent bloating. For this reason, it may also be used to prevent acidity and cure morning sickness.

13. Cinnamon is ideal  for respiratory problems.

Cinnamon is also helpful for those people suffering from problems with respiration. Cinnamon is prompt in providing relief from a sore throat, colds, and even congestion and works for both children and the elderly who are wary of foul smelling and bitter tasting medicines as cinnamon has the added benefit of being flavorful and possesses a sweet aroma that appeals to both the young and old.

14. Cinnamon Is a Powerful Remedy for Menstrual Relief.

Cinnamon is a useful remedy for women looking for menstrual relief and discomfort due to menstrual cramps. It works as a pain relief for females suffering from Post Menstrual Syndrome and extensive menstrual cramping as it works to alleviate the pain and has no side effects, unlike other pharmaceutical drugs which through quick and efficient, also come with a number of substantial side effects such as nausea, dizziness, indigestion and even addiction.

15. Cinnamon helps control unwanted pregnancies.

Regularly consuming this substance after childbirth significantly delays your period and thus contributes in avoiding conception.

16. It Can Increase Breast Milk Supply

17. Cinnamon Is A Great Diuretic

18. It Can Help Increase Blood Circulation

Cinnamon helps to improve the circulation of blood by working to thin out the blood supply. Good blood circulation also ensures a steady oxygen supply to the different blood cells in the body which leads to an efficient metabolism. You can substantially lessen your chance of suffering from a heart attack by adding cinnamon to your diet.

19. Cinnamon Oil Can Help You Lose Weight

A significant use and health benefit of cinnamon also includes weight loss. Cinnamon works by reducing appetite and hence curb obesity. An important research to support this finding includes a study conducted in the US. Researchers prepared an extract from cinnamon bark mixed with water and gave it to obese rats for 5 weeks. 

This research led to two important observations. Not only did the rats willingly reduce the amount of food they consumed, but their bodies also produced higher levels of a neurotransmitter called 5-HT Serotonin. Elevated levels of this neurotransmitter are seen in anorexic people where individuals have reduced appetite and high rates of rapid weight loss.

20. The Oil Can Help Prevent Diabetic Kidney Disease.

Cinnamon has also proved useful to cure and prevent diabetic kidney disease. A Chinese scientist has conducted experiments to determine the effects of cinnamon extract for kidney disease and found positive and noteworthy results. Negative correlations between cinnamon use and kidney disease were found.

21. Cinnamon Can Work As A Mosquito Repellant

Cinnamon also works to eliminate mosquitoes and prevent mosquito bites by working as a mosquito repellant. It may also be used for repelling other insects such as bed bugs and cockroaches.

22. Cinnamon Oil Can Help Prevent Hair Loss.

Cinnamon oil also works to prevent hair loss when applied directly to the scalp. It should be noted however that cinnamon oil can be corrosive and may incite an allergic reaction. It is always advisable therefore to check an area of the skin for a possible allergic reaction at least 24 hours in advance before applying the product fully.

23. It is a Powerful Antiseptic for Athlete’s Foot.

Cinnamon may also work as an antiseptic for athlete’s foot. Mixing 1% cinnamon leaf oil in a bucket of warm water to soak your feet in can greatly alleviate the pain that comes with athlete’s feet. If you tend to wear closed shoes for most of the day, or you are a runner, a natural antiseptic cinnamon foot wash is a must to keep any fungal infections at bay.

24. ​It Can Help Your Hair Look Better

It may prove highly beneficial to consider adding just one drop of Cinnamon leaf oil into your normal shampoo. That will not only ensure clean and disinfected hair, but also swiftly take care of those pesky head lice that children often pick up.

25. Cinnamon Oil Can Prevent The Growth Of Tumors and Cancer Cells

Finally, research shows that Cinnamon oil is a promising solution in the treatment of tumors and cancerous cells. A research study shows that sugar may be causing or supporting cancer cells. And, cinnamon may prove to be a helpful remedy that controls blood sugar levels in the body. Another study has found good results with leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells in conjunction with cinnamon.

Where to buy Cinnamon oil?

After reading the several benefits that Cinnamon Oil has to offer, it is not surprising that your first instinct will be to step out and buy this magical product. You can find this oil at any local pharmacy store. Or you may order it online from Amazon or eBay for it to be delivered to your doorstep.

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