The Main Benefits Of Air Fryers – Pros And Cons Of Using Them


An air fryer is a recently developed kitchen appliance that claims to help you cook food in a healthier way. It is a device that cooks food using hot air and little to no oil. Whereas deep-frying requires a lot of oil and hot temperature, the air fryer simply requires hot air to be circulated at a rapid speed to cook food.

Pros And Cons Of Air Fryers – The Definite Guide

So What is it and How Does it Work?

As well-loved as deep-fried food is, it is also a known fact that having too much of it is bad for the health. Consumption of these foods has been linked to numerous health concerns such as high blood pressure and heart disease. The scent, flavor, and texture of fried food make it so addictive, and the air fryer attempts to replicate these characteristics without using as much oil. Using at least 70% less oil means less fat and unnecessary calories, which helps make the food healthier—or at least a healthier alternative to deep fried food.

The air fryer was introduced to the market right around the time when the interest for health and wellness was growing, so it is not that hard to understand why it has become so popular and continues to be popular a few years later.

What Makes an Air Fryer a Good One?

Fish Fried In Air Fryer

Interest and demand for air fryers have grown over the past few years. These are high-tech gadgets that are made to help people transition into a healthier lifestyle. However, they are on the pricey side, so it is very important to look at the features and characteristics that make an air fryer “good” (i.e. worth the investment). We even have an awesome air fryer buying guide on the site too!

Some key features would we safety, maintenance, cooking capacity, and warranty. Unfortunately, the warranty is not the same for all models, as it really depends on the manufacturer and/or the seller that you’re buying it from. When it comes to the other features stated, you should be able to see it even in the most basic models.

In this article, we will go into detail about the benefits of air fryers, which includes mentioning some of the features that you may want to consider, but here are a few key characteristics at the basic level that you should take into consideration.

The Main Benefits Of Using Air Fryers At Home

Let’s take a look at all the reasons you might consider getting an air fryer for your home:

1. Safety

Air fryers are just like any kitchen appliance in the sense that it aims to help users in food preparation. And just like any kitchen appliance, using it has some risks and must be handled with care. Manufacturers are aware of this concern, which is why they have come up with their initiatives to make sure that their model is safe to be used by everyone in the family.

First off, each model comes with a manual, which explains how the device works and shares tips on how to use it properly to maximize the features and avoid accidents. Reading through the manual and keeping in mind how to use it helps a lot. Most models have an automatic shut down feature that switches off once the cooking process is over. This can reduce the risk of burning food and overheating. Likewise, most devices are designed so that it does not slip or move around on your countertop. The closed-cooking system ensures that the food is safely contained inside, reducing the risk of splatters and mess.

2. Fuss-free Operation

Most air fryer models come with preset cooking options to help those who are new to air fryers and busy individuals who do not have time to tinker with manual settings. It simplifies the cooking process. The presets, along with its safety features, make it such an easy and low maintenance kitchen appliance to have at home.

3. Reduced Fat and Calories

Air Frying Chicken

One of the main reasons why air fryers are so popular is because of its ability to reduce the fat and calorie content of the food you will consume. This is because they require little to no oil. You can simply put the food inside the cooking basket, adjust the timer and temperature, and let it work its magic.

A good air fryer will be able to cook your favorite fried dishes effectively without compromising on the flavor. The hot air that circulates and cooks the food that results in a crispy exterior and soft interior. Because there is no need to use oil, not only will you cut down on the fat and calories, you will also be able to save on oil

4. Easy to clean

Air fryers are some of the easiest kitchen appliances to clean. Most models come with a detachable cooking basket and trays, which you can clean separately manually or using a dishwasher (do note that not all models have dishwasher-safe parts).  The interior and exterior are also easy to clean because only a minimal amount of oil is used (sometimes none at all). All you need to do is to wipe it down after every use and a deep clean a few times a month for maintenance. Of course, if you use it frequently, you will need to clean it more often. No need for users to worry about oil and grease stains on your countertop!

5. Versatility And Multiple Uses

Fish And Chips Air Vs Deep Fry

As mentioned earlier, air fryers tend to be on the pricey side. This is not just because of the technology behind them; it is also because of the many uses it has. One look through the Internet, and you will see that most can perform different cooking functions: air frying, baking, grilling, roasting, etc. Depending on what cooking function an air fryer offers, manufacturers typically include corresponding additional accessories and attachments to allow users to maximize the use of their device. Its versatility might appeal to those who wish to save precious kitchen space, and simply splurge on one item that does a lot of things versus buying many different appliances for specific cooking functions.

There is no doubt as to the ability of these to perform various cooking functions, however, the question lies in how well they are able to perform these functions. In this respect, you may want to do a little extra research and refer to user reviews of various air fryer models for reference before making a purchase.

6. Efficiency

A good number of air fryer models do not need to be preheated before use; others preheat quite fast. You can get frozen fries, chicken fingers and other snacks from the freezer, chuck them in the basket and cook right away. Unlike kitchen appliances like a convection oven, a broiler or even a toaster oven, some fryers can be more energy and time efficient.

Final Words

Indeed, air fryers are innovative kitchen appliances that have grown in popularity over the past few years—with good reason. The main benefits listed above are not stated to convince you to buy one. It was meant to give an objective look into this new method of cooking and the cookers associated with it. Always keep in mind that not all are created equal. When you shop for a model, I recommend that you look at user reviews and consider your personal needs before making a purchase. Some homes may benefit from bigger models and more advanced features (which will naturally cost more), while others can do with simpler models but are able to perform the basic functions well.

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