About Me

Jeanette Schmidt From CuisineBank

Cooking is the greatest hobby one can have. Besides it empowers the chef, it empowers the one who eats. Literally.

That’s why we all aspire to master it.

In fact, cooking is not difficult if you understand it.

Still, like everything in life, to master it, you’ll have to spend at least 10.000 hours practicing. From the basic preparation, segmentation, and ingredient choosing, to the processing, recipe following, finalizing, and serving; cooking is an art, and requires dedication.

The beauty of cooking lies in diversity. There are over three hundred different cuisines around the world, each with its distinctive characteristics, techniques, ways of preparation…

​Mastering several cuisines brings you the dimension of cooking where you become interested in learning, an​​​​​d brin​​​​gs you back to the beginning, which is fantastic.

We live in a big world, and Mother Nature has provided us with incredible materials and endless possibilities in preparing those. From various plants, crops, fruits and vegetables, to the meat, fish, and dairy; everything is at balance, providing us a never-ending stream of variations.

​​Spices are the soul of the kitchen.

​Making the same meal with different spices will make an entirely new, and unique meal. How amazing is that! Same goes with cooking methods, techniques, steps to follow in the recipe, and synergy of all the factors in the kitchen.

​With the perfect balance, fabulous recipes emerge!

Home cooking is the main topic of this site, so I will focus on this term and provide many recipes and homemade dishes that will make your mouth water.

Furthermore, I’ll list healthy ingredients and their replacements with unique and useful ideas, so you’ll be able to make combinations based on my recipes.

I’ll also share tips and tricks that I learned throughout the years in the kitchen with you regularly. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how some small things can make a big difference!


Here on CuisineBank, you’ll find an abundance of advice and techniques, cooking methods, organization schemes and valuable processes (and ways to improve all that), alongside some general kitchen knowledge.

Finally, I’ll guide you on how to purchase kitchen equipment, utensils, and machines that will help you be a better, efficient cook. The market is extensive, and when you realize you need something, you can only get confused if you’re a beginner. That’s why my buying guides will help you; I’ll field-test and compare the popular products directly in order to find the most suitable one for your requirements.

Even if your requirements are different than mine, you’ll have an insight and knowledge on how to pick the product, what to watch out for, and what to avoid.

Cooking is love. Cooking is life.

Jeanette Schmidt From CuisineBank

​Fine cooking and fine eating enrich life. Fine cooking builds your character, makes you a better person, and puts you in a different dimension.

​I hope you’ll enjoy my recipes, guides, and tips as much as I will while creating them for you.

​Wish you many happy and yummy moments!

   Jeanette Schmidt