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All About Buttermilk – Health Benefits, Types And Viable Substitutes

buttermilk qualities benefits substitutes

Buttermilk is a liquid product from a churned butter. This is common in Southwest Asia, in the Indian subcontinent, and some parts of Europe and the United States. How is buttermilk made? What is the science behind buttermilk? What are its health benefits? This article will answer all your questions about buttermilk. <img class=”tve_image amzn_view_checked” […]

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Food Coloring And Its Effect On Food Quality

food coloring effect food quality

The appearance of a dish is very important to boost its desirability. That is why restaurant owners and food business owners hire professional photographers and advertisers to make the appearance of their products look excellent. Have you ever noticed that a menu list on a fast food chain is mouth-watering and is very tempting? It […]

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Flowers In Your Garden You Can Actually Eat

Edible flowers

When you think of flowers, I’m sure you picture the lovely daffodils and rose that make your garden the picture perfect landscape. That is, of course, their main purpose, but not many people are aware that there are several flowers that are edible, and can be enjoyed as part of your daily meals. Let’s have […]

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What Makes Home-Cooked Meals Special


Lots of people get too busy or too stressed out on their job deadlines that they often miss the simplicities in life. From late night overtimes to waking up early in the morning only to remember that you have an eight o’clock meeting with your impatient boss. These dreadful moments lead to skipped breakfasts, and […]

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Eat Healthy: A List Of Foods Good For Your Figure


It is a well-known fact that the first step in working towards a slim and healthy figure is the food that you eat. What goes inside your mouth affects your body shape. It’s then essential that you choose the food you eat carefully. Let’s explore the foods that contribute towards a good figure and how they […]

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