Picking The Best Japanese Rice Cooker: How To Come Up With The Best One?

best japanese rice cooker

Rice is indeed used along with many different kinds of meals so if you are into eating rice a lot often then investing in a rice cooker would save not just your time but will also spare you from any cooking errors.

And if looking for the best rice cooker, the one that is made in Japan is definitely a great choice. Why? Well, one of the many things that Japan does well is to design top quality rice cookers. But, how are you going to find the best Japanese rice cooker? Just continue reading for you to be guided.

Product Comparison Table

Here’s a glance of some of the best options that you might consider:

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Reviews Of The Best Japanese Rice Cookers

There are indeed wide options available when it comes to Japanese rice cookers. Some of the best ones are reviewed below:

The Best Pick for Overall Rice Cooker

This one is the right Japanese rice cooker that has everything that you want. It has features perfect for any uses you prefer.

Aside from being a highly-rated rice cooker, this one also comes along with lots of embedded technology. Once you want to create a perfect bowl or any rice dish, this is exactly the right choice.

It has the ability to let you cook more than 5 cups of raw rice so meals for big families aren’t a problem at all.

User Rating:

In addition, it is convenient, small and it has features such as retractable cord wherein you could keep it in the cupboard and simply pull it out once you need it. Some other features of this Japanese rice cooker are a non-stick inner pan, LCD clock or timer, a sphere-shaped interior that cooks rice evenly, automatic warmer, varied accessories and more.


It features fuzzy logic that decides for itself once the rice needs little or more cooking
Perfect rice preparation
Perfectly portioned waffles because of the measuring cup included
Big enough for large families
Great technology and accessories included
It includes warranty


A small pattern of breaking down for about a year only
Quite expensive

The Best Pick for Functionality

This one from Tiger Corporation is a wise choice for those that are looking for a rice cooker that offers great functions and cooking menu settings as well.

Another great option that is sleek and attractive is a product from Tiger Corporation. It is a simple and fun rice cooker because of its oblong shape and easy functions in front.

Aside from its elegant design, this one could also hold over 5 cups of rice. It is also referred as a micro-chipped controlled unit featuring 4-in-1 functions as well as 10 computerized cooking menu settings.

User Rating:

In addition to that, it has a thick inner pan and inner lead along with a steam cap which is removable for easy cleaning. This cooker will take only a minimal preparation and could also cook two different dishes at the same time. It also has a cooking plate that is designed to hold the flavors for the food on the cooking plate.


Can cook more than two things at the same time
Larger models are capable of holding up 10 cups of rice
Easy to use and clean
Great functions and settings
Warranty is available


No retractable cord
Only a setting for slow cook
Fixed inner gasket

The Best Pick for the Budget

You might be looking for a rice cooker that will perfectly fit your budget but will still provide the quality you want. With that, this one from Panasonic is the right choice.

Looking for a rice cooker that could feed your family with 7 cups of cooked rice every meal? Well, this is the perfect budget Japanese rice cooker to ever consider.

It has an amazing prize though there is actually not much technology which comes with it.

User Rating:

It features a single button but there is no digital display. But in terms of cooking rice, it definitely performs well. It also features automatic cooking, automatic shutoff, non-stick aluminum pan, glass lid and certain accessories including rice scoop, operating manual and measuring cap.


Perfect for the budget because of its affordability
Only uses 310 watts or power
Glass lid to see if the rice is done
Non-sticky pan
Great for meal preparation


Cannot cook brown rice
Less versatility

The Best Pick for the Value

You might want a rice cooker with great value for its price yet with a decent quality as well, right? If yes, consider this one as your best option.

This is known to be a beautiful rice cooker featuring a stainless steel exterior as well as black accents.

It could be one of the best ones from among the available rice cookers as it features lots of technology and easy to read and a bright digital display telling you what is going on with the rice. Aside from that, it could steam food and could keep the rice warm.

User Rating:

Along with that, it features the ability to hold up 8 cups of cooked rice. It is also easy to use wherein programming cooking options include brown rice, white rice and more. This also features a delay timer for up to 15 hours prior to cooking and accessories like a steam tray, spatula, recipes, measuring cup and more are included.


Easy to use
Varied programming cooking options
Easy to clean


Might not perform like the other expensive models

The Best Pick for Versatility

A rice cooker that is highly versatile is indeed a great choice for the majority. So, this one must be on top of the list when it comes to versatility.

This rice cooker will feature 13 pre-set options intended for a wide variety of delightful foods such as soups and pasta.

Simply set this rice cooker prior to going to bed at night in order to begin cooking the breakfast the next day or you could also use the convenient reheat function in order to warm up the leftovers.

User Rating:

It also features large LCD screen and also a 45-degree titled display that are easy for anyone to read therefore eliminating cooking errors. This rice cooker will also tell you the cooking status of the dish while it is working.

There is also a non-stick inner pot intended for easy cleaning, efficiency and durability. It also exhibits high-tech Fuzzy Logic as for heating abilities since this Japanese rice cooker has everything that you might need.


Highly versatile
Warranty included
Advanced heating technology
Easy to clean
Removable overflow-proof lid


No cookbook
No attachments
Poorly translated user’s manual

What Is A Rice Cooker And How It Works?

A rice cooker also referred as a rice steamer, is known to be an automated kitchen appliance which is designed to steam or boil rice. It has a heat source, thermostat, and a cooking bowl. The thermostat would measure the temperature of the cooking bowl and will control the heat as well. There could be complex rice cookers that are having many sensors and some other components and might also be multipurpose.

In addition, rice cooker has 4 main components which are the main body, inner cooking pan, thermal sensing device and a heating plate. The heating plate is located on the bottom of the main body while underneath the heat element is the thermal sensing device.

This sensing device is a small and spring-loaded thermometer which continuously measures heat inside the pan. It is depressed once the pan is filled with food and water is inserted into the main body. Once the heating element is turned on, it will quickly bring the water to boil. If the water is boiling, it will stay at the same temperature and wouldn’t get any hotter, therefore, the temperature inside the cooking pan would stabilize at that point.

Now, the grain will begin to soak up the hot water and will steam considered as its cooking process. The temperature in the pan will start to rise again if all the water is absorbed. This temperature change will be sensed by the thermometer so it will cause the rice cooker to switch off or to be in a WARM setting.

Rice cookers indeed heat the contents through transferring heat from the heating element on the bottom of the body up to the cooking pan that could be made from certain materials. The material used for the pan will affect the overall time that it would take the food to cook. There are some metals like aluminum and copper that are a lot more conductive of heat compared with other materials. They could transfer heat a lot easier, therefore, could also shorten the amount of cooking time required.

Rice Cooker Advantages


Are you among those who are frustrated by having a dry rice due to water flow caused by cooking in the microwave? Or have you tried cooking rice on the stove top resulting in a burn at the bottom? Indeed, if you are sick and tired of these issues, it could be a perfect time that you consider the use of a rice cooker.

Rice cookers are indeed fantastic for numbers of reasons and if in doubt, here are some of the advantages out of considering rice cookers:

  • Rice cookers will cook rice flawlessly to the same standard at the same time. You will not experience burnt and dried-out rice due to being cooked too long.
  • This appliance will also allow you to cook a lot easier. Most rice cookers do have pre-guided measuring cups as well as tools that are already available.
  • They are as well multi-functional. Most of them have settings for different kinds of foods such as steamed vegetables and soups. Rice isn’t just the one cooked in a rice cooker.
  • Your rice will definitely not cold over time. They have these settings that would keep the rice warm long after making it.
  • And versatility is not a worry at all. You could indeed buy rice cookers in different sizes based on your needs.

Uses Of Rice Cooker

Now that you have learned the advantages of the rice cooker, you might want to be familiar with the uses of this appliance. Well, some of the best uses of rice cooker are as follow:

Making Rice

It could be so simple to make rice using rice cookers. You simply have to measure the rice and put it in the cooking pot of the cooker. You have to look at the specific rice cooker in order to exactly figure out the amount of rice you could make and choose the proper rice-to-water ratio. You could also rinse the rice prior to putting it in the cooker.

After that, you have to measure the amount of water that you need for the amount of rice as well. Then add the flavoring. After that, choose the setting for the rice. After 15 minutes, the rice should be ready to serve.

Reheating Leftovers

Indeed, rice cookers are great options if you want to evenly reheat food. Put a small amount of water with the leftovers and let the rice cooker work its magic. Rice cookers would reheat the leftovers nicely every single time. If you are tired of overcooking leftovers in the microwave then worry not if you have a rice cooker.


Steaming Vegetables

It would be a lot easier to steam vegetables in a rice cooker. Whether frozen or fresh, you could place the vegetables in the cooker to steam. The manual will let you know the needed water. There is also a need for you to look for the steaming contraption which might come along with the cooker. Most rice cookers would come along with a steaming add-on which is great for making veggies.

Baking a Cake

Yes! You can really bake a cake using a rice cooker. There might be different recipes which you can get in a rice cooker cookbook or online. If you want a treat after a long day then throwing a couple of ingredients in the rice cooker and making a cake could be considered.

How To Pick The Best Japanese Rice Cooker

Japanese rice cookers are indeed famous because of being well-made and a great appliance in terms of what they do. There are also numbers of them having many features to choose from. But, prior to purchasing a Japanese rice cooker, there is a need for you to consider some of the best features in picking the best one. They are the following:

Cup Capacity - There is a need to consider the amount of the rice you want to make at a time. It could be from single servings up to a full-on rice party.

Watts - Indeed, a family rice cooker would also need a family-sized wattage in order to cook lots of rice a lot faster. Watts are an indicator of the power and cooking speed of the rice cooker. Most rice cookers would have wattage in the 600 range but smaller rice cookers would tend to be around 300 watts.

Keep Warm Function - A Japanese rice cooker having this feature will allow you to a cup of delicious carbs all throughout the day or to keep the rice warm. For some, it could kick in automatically but for others, there is a need to toggle the said function once cooking is done. There are also some options that feature extended keep-warm features intended for extra-long wait times.

Cooking Settings - There could indeed be rice cookers that only prepare rice, however, some other options would come along with extra features changing the heating and the cooking process for things such as steaming vegetables and more.

Dimensions - Indeed, the size of the rice cooker is important particularly for those that are living in smaller spaces. Though large rice cookers provide greater capacity, still smaller one would preserve valuable kitchen counter space. It will also allow easy transport from a space to another. And also, it is easy to pack up.

Weight - You might not want to carry or transport a heavy appliance from a place to another, right? With that, weight could definitely be an indicator of quality since heavier units are made of stainless steel most of the time, however, lighter ones would offer great portability.

Bear in mind these features as you plan to pick the best Japanese rice cooker from wide options in the market today.

Care and Maintenance

Along with buying a rice cooker, you should also bear in mind the care and maintenance of this unit. Prior using it, you have to wash the inner pot, inner lid, measuring cup and the rice paddle. It is advised that you read the instructions from the manufacturer once determining if it’s dishwasher-safe. However, cleaning rice cooker is just a snap using a hot and soapy water because of the non-stick nature of the said device.

There are also other rice cookers that would feature steam catcher wherein it needs to be emptied after every batch of rice. These are little cups that might get moldy and grungy once left unattended and wet. Just simply make sure that all products are dry prior to placing them back to the machine and the exterior could simply be wiped down once needed.


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What to do when boiling with too much water?

Can I use instant rice in the rice cooker?

Pick For The Best

Rice cookers are indeed of great unit that every individual should have. But in choosing for the best one from wide options available, the best pick is the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer.

Here are the reasons why:

  • It has any feature that you would need in terms of a rice cooker.
  • The unit comes along with the needed acAcessories refraining you from buying them separately.
  • And it features the fuzzy logic that is indeed favorable to almost everyone that uses a rice cooker.

Final Thoughts


Rice is known to be the staple in the Japanese diet so they are very much particular with it. In connection to that, they are also known when it comes to high quality and best Japanese rice cookers. So, if you plan to buy a rice cooker, the one made in Japan is definitely a wise catch. You are guaranteed not just with the quality but it’s worth your money as well.

Have you already tried using rice cooker before? Share your experience with us by posting your comments below!

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